Return of the Open Gaming License!

Open Gaming License: Returns!

Wizards of the Coast have released Dungeons & Dragon’s fifth edition under the Open Gaming License. They’ve also created the Dungeon Masters Guildso that creators can use WotC’s non-OGLed intellectual property. And, sell them through OneBookShelf (the parent company of RPGNow and DriveThruRPG). That’s big news. But what does it mean?

First off, let me state that I am not a lawyer. However, I was once an RPG publisher, and as such, I pay a lawyer obscene amounts of money to ensure I understand the OGL.

The OGL allows a publisher to take content released as Open Game Content under the OGL and freely use it in their works. It protects the content that a publisher does not want to be OGC, by allowing it to be declare as Product Identity. Usually, game rules and mechanics are declared OGC while trade dress and specific terms are declared PI. So, for instance, a publisher might release a work that contains the spell, “Krugerov’s Cannibalistic Mutation”. The publisher could declare the spell mechanics and rule details as OGC, but declare the name “Krugerov” as PI. Another publisher could freely use the spell, but they could not use “Kruger”. They’d have to call it “Cannibalistic Mutation” or something else. That said, some publishers have eschewed PI and released their entire work as OGC, which is OK too.

Gaming License

Technically, one does not need a gaming license to publish games or rules that are compatible with D&D of any edition. Game mechanics are not protected under law, and it’s perfectly acceptable to say, “this product is compatible with another product” (could you imagine the third-party cellphone accessory industry if they couldn’t say that their product worked with an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?)

However! The specific textual representation of a game mechanic IS (or, rather, can be) protected. So, for instance, the idea of rolling 1d20, adding a modifier, and trying to roll higher than a target number can not be protected; the literal text ” roll 1d20, add your combat, skill, and ability modifier, and check the result; if it is higher than the target number, the roll is a success ” can be protected. And in the case of D&D, the game’s literal text is protected under copyright. The OGL allows publishers to use the exact, literal text of anything from D&D that WotC has released as OGC under the OGL.

So, now, with the D&D 5E System Reference Document (that being the source for everything D&D 5E released as OGC under the OGL), publishers can copy/paste huge swaths of text from D&D into their products and modify as needed. I just spent some time going over the SRD, it looks fairly comprehensive.

It reads similarly to the free Basic Rules PDF, in that class options and backgrounds and such are minimal, usually having just one of many options from the PHB to serve as examples (there’s only one Roguish Archetype, for instance), but it expands to include content released after the Basic Rules PDFs were releases (like Dragonborn and Tieflings, for example).

The main downside with the OGL

The main downside with the OGL for a publisher is that they specifically do not get access to PI elements. So if a publisher wanted to publish an adventure set in the Forgotten Realms featuring Drizzt do’Urden and Elminster fighting against the cultists of Bane, they could not do that because all of those elements are, undoubtedly, PI. However, that is the purpose of the Dungeon Masters Guild; by publishing work under that umbrella, the publisher gains access to WotC’s vast library of Forgotten Realms PI. And, evidently, everything else that all the other Dungeon Masters Guild publishers develop. And, in turn, all the other Dungeon Masters Guild publishers get access to what a specific publisher produces.

Dungeon Masters Guild

Under the Dungeon Masters Guild you can give away your work freely, or you can charge for it; take note, however, that access to all the Forgotten Realms IP comes at a cost. Fifty percent, to be exact. So if you publish something under the Dungeon Masters Guild and want to charge $5.00 for it, you’ll get a cool $2.50 from each sale. Take heart, however, as the Dungeon Masters Guild is a partnership with One Book Shelf, so once you submit your work to the Guild OBS handles all the sales and payments and all that, relieving you of that drudgery.

My understanding is that if you submit a print-ready PDF, you can even tap into OBS’ print-on-demand service and sell hard-copy versions of your work as well.

There is a separate agreement that you must accept to join the Guild. I have not read it yet, but I have been assured that in no way does WotC or OBS claim ownership of what you submit to the Guild. They only claim their IP and grant you a gaming license to use it and sell it as part of their service.

Is the Dungeon Masters Guild worth it? Maybe. If you want your work firmly ensconced under the “Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms” umbrella, you want to be in the Guild. If you want your work to be compatible with D&D but a step apart from it – like all the generic d20 products of old – then you’re going to be better off using the SRD under the OGL and getting yourself a generic OBS publisher account.
Either way, this is big news. And it’s about time, considering that some sort of an open gaming license was promised as part of the original D&D 5E announcement.

Reminds You of Wwhy World Championship Darts isn’t All That Huge

“PDC World Championship Darts” is kind of like that not-so attractive girl who sits at the front of your high school English class. It has a lot of substance, is constantly trying to please, probably harbors a secret love for you, and will do anything to make you happy. Unfortunately, like that not-so attractive girl, it was never that appealing to begin with, making it tough to see the positive things it offers.

Right off the bat, let’s agree about professional darts place in the sporting world. Professional darts is something you expect to see on ESPN 2 at 3:15 in the morning, with nothing else but hour long infomercials to the fill the deep, bottomless pit in your stomach that longs for some sort of nexus to keep it from falling into the abyss. Let’s be honest, professional darts is not that nexus. Lacking the at times heart-pounding excitement of poker, and certainly not as cool as those dudes who cut trees while balancing on boards 30 freakin’ feet in the air, darts is one of those things you never knew had a professional circuit. Well, it does, and whatever that game league consists of, it makes its way into “PDC World Championship Darts”.

World Championship Darts

Developer Mere Mortals have done a pretty decent job packing a decent amount of content in to this title. With four game modes (Exhibition, Tournament, Career, and Party Games), you’ll certainly have a lot to do, and 16 pros from the circuit make their way into the game. So, if you’re a closet Phil Taylor or Peter Manley fanatic, this is the game for you. Each character model represents a decent likeness to their real life counterparts, and the visuals in the game certainly aren’t terrible. However, after staring at the same animation over and over, and watching the world championship darts hit the same board over and over, the game starts to wear on you. The graphics are by no means the worst part of the game, but they don’t do much to keep your attention for long.

The average visuals in the game could easily be excused, if the audio and music were up to par. They aren’t. The game features commentary from Sid Waddell, and referee audio from Bruce Spendley. Simply put, this is some of the most obnoxious commentating heard in a game since being berated for missing a shot in “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003″. Seriously, if I hear anyone so much as mutter the phrases “140!” or “Confidence, bordering on arrogance” again, I’m liable to go on a rampage. It’s like they sat down, had Sid record four or five things, and placed them with exact precision at points they knew it would cause furious rage. This isn’t to say that the voice in particular is annoying (though after 20 minutes of the exact same thing, he gets to you), but in retrospect, this game is better played with the volume off.

The games actual playability is probably its strongest aspect, and by far the most fun. On the DS, throwing world championship darts works as one would expect, with the player swiping back to build up strength, and flicking forward to control direction and the actual toss. Though initially some might be confused as to how the landing point of your dart is actually determined (after my first few throws, I thought the game decided randomly where my dart would land), you will soon find yourself easing into the process, and competing at a high level in no time. The throwing mechanic works soundly, and when it comes down to it, that’s the point of the game right? Fluff aside, this represents the sport well.

Unfortunately, unlike a top tier sports franchise like Tiger Woods or Madden, the create-a-player option found here is a bit of a joke. You’re allowed to cutomize your jersey color, throwing angle, nationality, name, and style. However, you’re stuck with the visage of one of the 16 pros present in the game. So in all honesty, you never feel like your own person, just the same guy with a different color shirt. It doesn’t add any sense of depth or pride to your game experience, and could have opened up a few more options.

All in all, the game is an oddity. It’s chock full of stuff to do, but no real reason to do any of it. Sure, the dart mechanic is fun, but when the announcers voice repetitive, the customization is minimal, and the graphics are unspectacular, having a decent game mechanic is not enough to justify purchase. While I would certainly recommend this to die-hard fans of professional world championship darts, everyone else should feel free to steer clear of this one.

Rediscovering: Tropico Game

History Of  Tropico Game

Tropico game (first released in 2001) is a strategy management game. I am a huge fan of these types of games by the way. Tropico lets you become a dictator of a tropical island, managing each aspect of the island, from courting aid from the US or Russia to providing jobs and housing for your citizens.

One thing which I like about Tropico is that (like how the tutorial emphasizes) you manage the “high level”, such as building houses, factories, creating jobs, but each citizen in Tropico possesses free will, so they can choose not to live in that house you built, or work in that factory you created.

Tropico Game

As in the real world, the way to entice them to do so is via money. You can set the wages of a job or cost of living, thus you are in a way really in control of the economy directly. Of course, you can’t set too high wages, else that factory will not be making a profit. You can’t set the price of an apartment too high either, or no one will live there.

Every citizen is also uniquely identifiable, with their names, aspirations, thoughts, contentedness, etc. Such a system does make me care for my virtual citizenry more. However, if they call for elections, and the person running against you is wildly popular (you will lose the game if you’re voted out), you can simply commit election fraud, or, my personal favorite, have him meet an “accident”.

There are a bunch of pre-defined scenarios that you can play with its own set of win-lose conditions. However, like all my strategy sims, I like to play in sandbox mode with no time limits.
Sigh. They don’t make games like this anymore. (Still hotly awaiting Elemental!)

Own experience

Mine is the Mucho Macho Edition, as pictured above. It contains the Paradise Island expansion pack and the official strategy guide. I’m surprised that upon installation, Tropico ran fine on my machine, which is running Vista 64. I did not find much information on its compatibility with Vista when googling, but I did see some people having problems running the game on Vista. Lucky me, the installation was a snap, and the game ran much, much faster than I remembered. Of course, back in 2002, I was running a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with a Geforce Ti4200. Now, it’s a Core 2 Duo E6750 with a Radeon 4850. If I didn’t feel any improvements, I should burn my gaming rig to the ground.

Time for some retro gaming.

Venture Management: Is Venture a Feasible Selection for You?

Precisely what this article would like to go over are a few key venture  management issues. People have found either privately or simply by watching colleagues’ projects. All these can end up being anticipated and also managed (to some degree) as extended as we all are with least relatively aware. Really when many of us move onward with protégers on which we receive in typically the most difficulties. Continue reading through this important source or even click to read more in this article.

Venture Management Goals Tend to be Poorly Outlined

A leading task manager’s obligation is with the particular help regarding the job team as well as customer. This task is for you to ensure that will the objectives of the actual project. We are usually clearly and also specifically spelled out. Anyone may discover yourself pressing hard with regard to the description of typically the project. It need to happen, specially since typically the person producing the task often will not understand. This individual wants from the really beginning regarding the wedding. Even so, no longer proceed until eventually you want out, no longer hesitate to be able to push back once more. It begin the venture management only soon after these targets are identifying. Otherwise, your current success can be the matter associat with luck, not necessarily of talent.

Your Own Project Group Is Not Really Cohesive

Whenever you battle to generate a group and avoid succeed, very first examine your own personal management type. Do anyone truly offer you team users an possibility to take part? Or accomplish you decrease them coming from speaking out and about, offering tips, or promoting changes? Clubs work merely when an individual encourage contribution and and then follow upward on this.

The issue may additionally be brought on by extreme diversity throughout the crew. If an individual have the actual chance for you to pick your own personal own group. People comprehend will be rare from least through experience–try to restrict as a lot as a person typically. The involvement associate with a significant number regarding other sections. Projects generally demand aid from folks other comparing to those anyone supervise immediately. The idea is certainly not always need to endeavor for engagement beyond all those resources an individual absolutely want. Plus, trying to keep your staff lean may help preserve the finances under command. You can look here to get some additional reading.

You may possibly at periods face any formidable process just within getting assistance from additional department administrators. Make a difference how diplomatically you method them or maybe how effectively you establish and describe the job. It’s typical for office managers to be able to want in order to hold in tightly in order to their greatest resources. It particular very kinds you want badly inside order to be able to realize achievement in your own personal projects.


Cell Phone Spy: Is IT Possible To Have Spy In Cell Phone?

The solution can be described as program who has given a hand to myself know a lot of earth we abandon around, in addition to what sorts of families revolve around myself! We ended up being amazing when i could not presume plainly didn’t view it to get other people. Many of the worries this prior to when built myself create unhealthy possibilities. At this moment, there is more opinion to employ these individuals when i desire. Only some mobile phone spy ware is made matched.

You can find numerous price tag ideas coming from 39. Ninety five right up to number of number of pounds. It happens to be extremely likely that anyone can come to be fool in the event you pick the drastically wrong system. That is definitely where by cell phone spy program critical reviews include hassle-free. They are say that supplements can be well worth your hard earned cash in addition to which of them to not have. Such as, a comparison might say no matter whether navigation systems traffic monitoring is obtainable together with the program you are looking for.

A great system can be a bed that supplies a number of essential attributes. It ought to be simple fit and allow prolonged following.

It will check names, voicemail message email, text messages, postings. You are using draws these individuals, indeed, need to have navigation systems traffic monitoring effectiveness. Excellent critical reviews can provide all the stuff around this system and definately will level those attributes in your case. If you require this know-how you cannot in the market for deceiving within your buy.

Top Quality For Any Considerable Price Tag

Study cell phone spy program critical reviews to guarantee you might be becoming what we wish in addition to have. Phone story firelogs this approach spy phone program will enable you to study most of the incoming in addition to outgoing phone story firelogs for the mobile phone. Combined with creating incoming in addition to outbound phone tips. Your brand stashed within the mobile’s communicate with report it’s ting in with the selection within the phone firelogs.

Cell Phone Spy: Is IT Possible To Have Spy In Cell Phone?

The 2nd misconception relates to the initial this softwareing program is normally against the law in addition. Reporting by certain, made available in certain mysterious web schokohäutige marketplace. Just as before, this really absolutely incorrect.

Join in a number of search terms on the internet might find out the way accessible program program is normally. This approach cellular program is obtainable so that you can someone on the internet.

Along with all those a couple misguid beliefs off the beaten track. It is actually obvious to see exactly why two target people wish. You can even have the ways to access program program dads and moms companies. In addition to husband and wife which use some thoughts. Spying using a mobile phone is necessary to learn the majority of as to what this individual this lady reallly has been doing.

Fact About Cell Phone Spy

Due to the fact let’s skin the application, in the event that possibly your baby, lover or even worker has been doing something this individual this lady realizes for you to can’t acknowledge, after that it’s totally obvious that she or he will never show the application for you. Right now, applications along these lines can be fill along with malware, fake scans, no longer working variants in addition to a number of them will pass on your own personal facts natural fraud! That can help families to not ever find yourself with fraud, pricey supplements, malware, fake scans etc . We made a decision to establish this amazing site where by i can overview the most beneficial supplements within the cell phone spy marketplace. In such a manner you’ll be able to sure you’ll find yourself with the most beneficial working hard system for the top price tag.

Here you’ll chose the comparisons in addition to critical reviews. Certain, you’ll be able to seek the services of overpriced researchers to learn the majority of, they will set you back 1000s of dollars. It’s also possible to fit electronic about the target cellular, nonetheless this really some sort of wobbly strategy due to the fact it usually is notice simply.

Is The CRM for Small Business useful?

In simple words, a CRM for Small Business offers companies a faster and more effective way to manage current clients, and to identify new ones. In reality, things are a little more complicated. The system is effective in the majority of cases, but it needs even more effective implementation. Many implementation processes fail. Its because of lack of knowledge,  reluctance of employees to accept the change, or simply because of lack of communication between the team and the manager of the client-company. As soon as possible, we should identify all those problems and treat them. CRM tools helps to make money online

Advantages of CRM for Small Business

With such a program, the employees of the company can use the classifying classes to characterize and identify clients. You can use it to develop new markets and new selling strategies that can be applied. It is possible to use multiple filters. For example, a sales officer can identify the clients that buy goods of more than 3000$ a month, and which were not contacted at all during the latest three months. Keeping contact with clients is mandatory, and many companies neglect this aspect only because the relationship is good. On the other hand, the respective client would feel neglected, and as soon as an offer from a competitor appears, the client might take it without hesitating.

Evaluation is another characteristic of the CRM. Is the client satisfied? Why is he buying fewer goods? Are we offering the best prices? Have we called him to offer him new products? all those questions can find their answers in a Customer Relationship System, and any employee with privileges can access it.

What are the characteristics of a good program?

CRM for Small Business is a relatively new concept, and this is why some managers don’t find it useful. On the other hand, companies that have such system implemented are the most successful ones, so without such a system, your company will start to suffer. Let’s see the advantages of such system for any company.

Reduced costs

Even if the costs of implementing are significant at start, this can be considered as an investment. With all those details that the disposal of your employees, it would be a lot easier for those to manage sales, to change their strategy and to identify new clients. Moreover, the clients would feel like you take care of them, and this is why they will recommend you to their partners. A CRM system brings new clients, and at the same time, it helps the company to solidify the relationships with current clients.CRM for Small Business

High Effective

In order for such program to be effective, it must be modern. It is possible to find the so-caller “free CRM systems” online, but in reality; those are only lousy programs that would only make your activity harder. The new CRM for Small Business solutions are based on multiple servers’ architecture, which can be implemented on many networks. For a small company, it is not that important, but the CRM itself will help the small company to become a big one, and in this case, having the right architecture since the start can only help.

The SQL databases are the perfect architecture to manage the clients. Starting with those databases, the developers create can create a friendly interface, which can be used by clients. As soon as the implementation is over, the developer will offer training and support, and also suggestions about improving the program.

Besides the MySQL databases, it is possible to use platforms such as Oracle, Interbase, or even the traditional FoxPro. Connect the CRM to the central database of the developer, so whenever a problem occurs, the technicians will intervene to fix it. The data is extracted on a local or central server, depending on the security required by the client.

It Is Possible To Switch Occupation To One You Love?

Possibilities To Switch Occupation

Finding a completely new job seems to be difficult. After all, you will need the appropriate training for the new job and that’s tough to acquire while you have a position. You will have to come across time to be present at courses and also study for all of the lessons. Additionally, you will most probably have to take several courses at the same time to keep enrolled. The good news is, there is an easier method to accomplish your ultimate goal if you are looking to switch occupation when it comes to technological know-how or start a small business.Switch Occupation

Rather than enrolling in school, you may desire to take a look at online technology courses. You can log into the courses whenever you have free time. The info can be obtainable where ever you may have access to the internet. Therefore, you can study during lunch hours or even when you are waiting around. This offers you much more time to study since you can easily fit it in. It’s also done at your rate. Therefore you won’t need to feel rushed if you have less time to be able to study one particular week. You can just do a little additional when you may have additional time.

variety of classes obtainable to switch occupation

There’s a wide variety of classes obtainable thus it is possible to switch occupation you may need. You choose each of the lessons you will take so you’ll be able to focus on just the lessons you may need. At the conclusion of each course, you’ll be able to take an examination to demonstrate you will have learned the information. When you pass the exam, then you’re able to obtain a certification for that subject matter. This will help to show you’re experiencing, as well as ready to do the job they may be hiring for.

If you’d like to switch occupation of yours, it really is something that is doable. You can obtain certification information for each of the actual lessons you’re considering once you check out all of the classes that are offered. For more helpful resources, make sure you see this post. As soon as you’re all ready, go ahead and register for the first lesson. It is easy to achieve plus you will be prepared to start working on it right away. Before you realize it, you’re going to have each of the certifications you need for a job in your new career field.


Programming a Digg-Style Inputs System with jQuery and CSS3

Digg-Style Inputs System with jQuery and CSS3

Digg-Style Inputs System is a highly popular social news network with millions of dedicated users worldwide. In keeping with the trendiness of the times, the network recently launched Digg v4 redefining the user experience at the portal. Essentially, the administrators replaced the entire system with the latest analytics and enhanced features of social networking. Developer communities are appreciating the new vibes of refined aesthetics at the news networking portal. Working with CSS3 is an incredibly pleasant experience. You do not have to make any special arrangements like including libraries or external files because all the latest browsers adequately support the designing protocol.

Digg-Style Inputs System with jQuery and CSS3

Benefits of using Digg-Style Inputs System with CSS3 and jQuery

In addition, as the browsers also support any latest rendering engines, there is no requirement to include jQuery in the files. Google Code archives all versions of popular scripts online, simplifying stuff for developers. After a quick thanks to the engineers at Google, you start with accessing the Google API docs into using jQuery 1.4.1. You need the core files also. These include a simplified index.html, script.js for jQuery, and global.css for styles. Follow the standard Digg-Style Inputs System of designing a bare HTML framework, then incorporating the codes in it. Utilize the jQuery elements whenever required.

Exploring programming creativity

The HTML document’s main heading consists of all meta information with an XHTML transitional doctype. The external JavaScript code and the CSS are the only file inclusions you require. Both files are in local storage. Experiment with different CSS3 options into coding. Look up basic resources like this post in getting an idea. You can also contact the developers at the site where this article leads you. A good professional service is always ready to assist you in interpreting the amazing uses of CSS3 in exploring your creativity. Essentially, learning how to code does not make you a good developer. It is only when you interpret the aesthetics and represent them via coding commands, you begin to get the fun. Coders often work overnight in graveyard shifts with their eyes glued to the computer screen.

Also Read: Proper Keyword Research Is Powerful

Experiment with different options

If you like the Digg v4 layout, try something similar. Of course, recreating the exact appearance of the reference website does not entail originality, however good your coding has been. You have infinite design options to implement. The combo of CSS3 and jQuery can deliver a solid power punch in great designs. Unless you have a creative signature, you do not progress as a developer. So, experiment with different aspects. Use different options like the “sprite” class in the CSS code sheet. This houses a master .png file for all icons and graphics. This spriting technique is crucial in minimizing bandwidth usage and background graphics server calls.

Then, you can also change the default appearance of the submission forms. Usually, they are like labels. Edit them by changing the parent division class to the ‘now editing’ format, followed by removing the display: none. This enables you to alternate conveniently between the two states. The CSS styles work with almost any browser.

The required JavaScript programming is very straightforward in manipulating. jQuery assists by ticking off many redundant scripting lines necessary for targeting and manipulating DOM objects. It is crucial to have a neat code sheet for SEO purposes. Google caters preferential treatment to sites with clean coding. Look closely in identifying all bugs and eliminating them. 


Whenever you have a short alternative to a long script, use it. Minimizing junk coding is highly critical in developing your expertise. CSS3 execution programs have several short-cut options that go unnoticed by the web designer community. Explore the software solution you use into finding the advanced options. Put the features to practical use. Find how you can enrich the user experience through innovative programming.

Samuel Boyd is a veteran CSS3 programmer. Even after three years of handling the protocol, the web designer keeps on upgrading the programming skills. At this stage, he says the main challenge is to simplify the programming.

Keyword Research: Proper Keyword Research Is Powerful

Is Keyword Research is powerful?

Today I thought I would talk about keyword research because its something that I do for literally everything. If I’m starting up a new site I’ll research keywords, if I’m setting up a PPC campaign I’ll research keywords, or if I’m just board and looking for future domains I’ll be researching keywords.

Researching keywords is in my own opinion one of the more important aspects of setting up any site. It doesn’t matter what you’ll be using your site for, keyword research is very important if you wish to gain any organic traffic, even if your setting up a small arbi or affiliate page where your primary traffic is coming from PPC, you should still do some keyword research to harness a little bit of extra search engine traffic and sales.

The best thing about keyword research is that it does not take very much time to do because all you really have to look for is a low competition keyword you can easily get a top 10 ranking for, most of the time a top 3 rank. All that is required in order to do this successfully is a little bit of basic SEO knowledge.

So lets have a look at some basic SEO principles that apply to Google, I always focus on Google first and then worry about Yahoo and MSN later because Google does own 51% of the search engine market and I just read that according to their stats, they get over 1 billion searches per day, could you imagine scoring that kind of traffic.

Principle behind keyword research

The first and most powerful principle is a little thing called backlinks. Yeah we’ve all heard it and if you haven’t then you are hearing it now. True backlinks is quite a powerful aspect of ranking for almost any keyword, I say true backlinks because there is some confusion among newbies when it comes to gaining backlinks.

You see a backlink is a simple one way link to your site, its NOT a reciprocal link (2-way link) and in my own mind a true backlink is one that’s targeted perfectly to your site, so if you’ve got a site about cars and you’ve got two backlinks one from a fish site and the other from a car site, then guess what the backlink from the car site is a true backlink because it holds much more weight (In the eyes of Google) then the backlink from the fish site.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way there are two more things to keep in mind when researching keywords one is how many sites have that particular keyword in their title and in their URL. The sites which have a keyword in both their URL and title will have more rank weight then a site that only has the term in their title, so remember the title tags hold less weight then the URL does.

keyword research

So what does any of it have to do with researching keywords? Well those little aspects of SEO have everything to do with researching keywords, here is a step by step system that I use to research keywords for literally every site I put up online, read close and you’ll soon know why backlinks, your sites URL, and your sites title tags are important when ranking in Google.

This is how I always go about everything online. First an idea comes to me and I think to myself hey that just might work, I might as well set up a site and try it out, then I go off to do some keyword and at the same time competition research. Notice how I don’t just race out and buy a domain name, no that would be a mistake because I always want to rank for a term in Google and buying a domain name before knowing which keyword I want to rank for means I just broke the rule of having your keyword in your domain name.

So once I have an idea for something I think to myself what terms should I try and rank for. As an example lets say I had an idea for a new SEO site, I know some of you might automatically think that the SEO niche is so far over-saturated you won’t be able to rank for it but don’t ever think that because its not true. You see in my mind over-saturation translates into Adsense $$$, yeah my mind works strange sometimes but I automatically know that an over-saturated market has a ton of competition and in return that means more people are jacking up the Adwords PPC cost and as you should know that also means you’ll make more per click with your Adsense ads.

Now moving on I know the type of site I want and I know I need to do some keyword research on the term “seo”. This is exactly the time when I run over to SEO Books Keyword Suggestion Tool and type in the term “seo”. You’ll see results like the screenshot below for the term “seo”.

The tool actually provides much more information then what is shown in the screenshot but the important parts are there, this shows us the monthly search volume this keyword gets for Google, Yahoo, & MSN, it also gives us a total of all 3 engines. I usually only look at the search volume for Google since that’s going to be our target and its also nice to glance at the overall total to see how much you could potentially be receiving.

Now this next step is something that I’ve just personally developed over time and that’s getting good at picking one of those terms that have no competition but has the highest search volume and when your just starting out or unsure of how to go about it there are a couple things you can keep in mind, the first is if the term is generic like the term “seo”, the chances of that domain name being available is unlikely, so look for terms that are less generic but still have a high search volume and also try to stay away from very long and hard to remember terms like “business driven michigan seo technology”.

When you come across a term that has a decent search volume run over to GoDaddy or some other domain register and type that term in to see if its avalible, if it is then great we can move onto our next step. But I should mention that just because its avalible doesn’t mean were ready to buy that domain, we still need to check how competitive that term is.

Checking how competitive that term is comes after we’ve found an available domain with a good search volume, what I like to do is open up two more tabs in firefox (IE sucks so go and get firefox right now). Then direct both those tabs to Google from there we enter the term into the search engine and click search. I first like to make a note of how many pages that term returned, normally if the term returns under 5 million pages means it should be easy to crack but if it returns 10 or 30 million terms, don’t get discouraged because those results are kind of like Googles PageRank, you might think they mean something but they really don’t.

With that search still open flip over to your other tab which is also pointed at Google and type in “allinurl: the keyword” (without the quotes), now write down how many search results is returned, if it returns under 2 thousand results then your in awesome shape to score a top 10 position but don’t give up if it returns more. Now type in “allintitle: the keyword” (Again without the quotes) and mark down the search results returned and I like to say if its got under 50 or even 70 thousand search results then its still very open to score in the top 10.

Notice the serious difference from having the term in the URL compared to having the term in the title, you’ve got a lot more play with the title terms, they should never discourage you from continuing your research. Now its time to switch back to your first search result in the other tab and quickly skim over the top 10 URLs and make a mental note of any that are a main page while ignoring anything that ends in a .pdf or other non-web site extension (Example: is a main page but or is not a main page).

The less main pages you see the better because that means we only have to compete against sub-pages and not the actual domain which always recieves the most amount of backlinks and the strongest rankings. Speaking of backlinks, that is our last step we have to do in our keyword research.

What you do is copy and paste all 10 URLs into notepad or something similar, one URL for each line, then switch back over to your other tab and type in “link: the url” (without the quotes) and mark down the results it returned, the results are the amount of backlinks that particular page has and since backlinks are a huge SEO factor we can now judge how hard it will be for us to score a top 10 or even a top 3 rank. Go through all 10 URLs and mark down each number you get. Its easy to keep track of them in Microsoft Excel. You can also do this over at Yahoo by using the “linkdomain:” operator, some say that the Yahoo linkdomain check is much more accurate then Google’s link: operator and I tend to agree.

Now if the term is not competitive we can go off and buy then develop the domain name. When you buy the domain name it should be the keyword your trying to rank for and no other terms mixed in.

I know your asking yourself right now how do I know if its competitive based upon those few little aspects, especially since I’ve got nothing to compare it too?. This is a hard question because I’ve been doing this for a long time and after awhile you just develop that ability naturally so here is an example low-competition term for the website idea “seo”.

The term is “seo seminar” which gets an overall search volume of 2,149 according to the seo book keyword suggestion tool, this term also returned a search result of 1,360 by using the allinurl: operator and it returned 1,050 for the allintitle: operator, now for a super easy top 10 position its more near medium difficulty until we include the link: operator results which are 1, 2, 1, 6, 0, 0, 1, 0 (one result for each url found).

That tells us that if I want to rank for this term I’ll need around 10 true backlinks to score a top 10 position, we know that it gets a monthly search volume of 2,149 so we can guess that 50% of that traffic will visit our site which results in 1,074 unique organic visitors, that’s not much but if we have an Adsense CTR of say 30% (Which isn’t that hard) that would result in around 322 extra clicks per month. Remember when I said the term “seo” is over-saturated and scares most people away, well if we average .50 cents per click with out Adsense then we are making $161 extra bucks for doing nothing at all, that’s just organic traffic.

That’s it, that is all you need to do to find and rank in the top ten for any niche, now obviously I’ve left some things out which you’ll have to figure out for yourself, little things like on-page SEO, unique content, additional off-page SEO. I should also mention that you can get some really high search volume terms, ones in the 20,000 searches per month or more that are not that competitive.

If your pissed that I’ve left some points out then you simply should stop reading my blog because I’ll always leave a few things out in any system I mention, what I leave out will be easy to figure out and I do it because it helps you learn and the more you learn and understand things on your own, the better equipped you’ll be when a problem comes up.


If everything you’ve ever done online was a step by step system then trust me sooner or later you will be in a situation that requires you to think for yourself and if you cannot do that, then your going to fail, this is why some things are left out so when you come across these situations in the future you can succeed, instead of fail.

Complicates on purchasing some Lav Highlight

Complicates on purchasing some Lav Highlight

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Just once each one of these methods might be consumed you’ll be able to limit your current options. Keep in mind so that you can expect around. It folks might like intended for via the property if you achieved make trades. These types of if you’re not at all organizing when maintaining all of them for quite some time. Other prospects are commonly not necessarily related mainly because of people. Without a doubt run away helping see. Need to anyone didn’t repeat this afterward you are not capable of market. Your property simply every time this truly gets to this occasion. The reason is it possible you certainly definitely not perform enter selecting flush toilet situation. Unless you it will waste material a lot of your present hard-earned cash.

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Sincerely perform forms prepare yourself also invest more hours to help to attract bathroom buttery shops. This fork out no matter what if you don’t might be beneficial it may be genuine yourself. Furthermore, most likely invest in several re-re-decorating journals to be aware of precisely. The point activity-environment types are often to be able to support a variety of preparing recommendations.


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