According to Google over 15 percent of all searches are done from a mobile phone. Google has announced that the number of searches done on mobile phones has grown 130 percent this year over last year. Other researchers suggest that 690 million searches are done on mobile phones each day. Therefore, it is very important that marketers understand how user’s search on their mobile phones and how to market to them.

The most popular way to search on a mobile phone is type search. Similar to using a keyboard on a laptop or desktop, the searcher types in the phrase they want to find. However, when using their mobile phones, the user usually shortens the query considerably. Many of these users are also using predictive text or Google Suggest. When choosing the keywords, type the main word into Google and see what terms Google suggests. These are your keywords and should be incorporated into your campaigns. Try to start with the first one and work down from there. Most companies find that the top 10 keywords will lead to about 20 percent of the company’s sales.

To apply this principle, let’s assume that you are a horse breeder. If you type horse into Google, you find that the first three words are horses for sale, horse games, horse trailer and horses. Try to develop these words into your campaign. There are many theories on how often the business should use these words. The most common theory is that the word should be used between 2 and 3 percent of the time. Make sure that the word is used where it makes sense.

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The second most popular way to search on a mobile phone is with voice search. When people are using voice search, people tend to speak more in whole sentences. Therefore, it is important to account for long tail searches. The first thing a company needs to do is make sure they are being found when a person searches for a particular product.

In our above example, let’s say our horse breeder breeds Tennessee walking horses and American Saddlebreds in Iowa. The company will want to account for those in search engines with terms like find Tennessee walking horse stud in Iowa. Do not land this person on a home page take them directly to the page about this stud.

The third most popular way to search is with image search, which can be performed by either uploading a photo from the camera on the phone, or using the URL of a photo. This is becoming more popular each day. The more popular the place is, the better the program performs. Make sure that the company has great clear photos to rank high with these searchers.

How Mobile Phones Have Changed SEO

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