How To Recover Deleted Emails from Windows Live Mail

If you’ve ever deleted a message in Windows Live Mail, but quickly wanted it back, this article is for you. First, let’s review the process of deleting an email. Every time you delete an email from your inbox, Windows Live Mail saves it in your Deleted Items folder. You can access these items by clicking on File and then clicking on the Deleted Items tab. In order to recover deleted emails from your Deleted Items folder in Windows Live Mail, follow these steps:

What is the Deleted Items folder

The Deleted Items folder is a folder in your Inbox. If you delete an email, it will be placed here until you empty the folder. When the Deleted Items folder becomes full, Windows Live Mail will automatically start deleting items to make room for new ones.

How to recover deleted emails from Windows Live Mail

1. In Windows Live Mail, click File and then click the Deleted Items tab.

2. Scroll down to locate the email that you’ve deleted.

3. Right-click on the email and select “Restore Deleted Item.”

4. When prompted, open your Outlook Express or any other email program where you had previously saved this email, then save it to your inbox folder. You can also use a program like Thunderbird with a plugin for recovering deleted emails from Windows Live Mail.

The process of restoring deleted emails from Windows Live Mail

1. Open Windows Live Mail

2. Click on the File tab and then on the Deleted Items folder in the left sidebar.

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3. Select a message to restore by clicking on it and then clicking on Restore.

4. A new window will pop up asking you whether you want to keep or delete the email that is being restored, click Keep to overwrite the deleted email with the restored one or Delete if you want to keep your deleted email but don’t care about restoring it at this time.


What happens when you delete an email in Windows Live Mail?

When you delete an email, it goes to the Deleted Items folder and you can easily recover it by going to the Deleted Items tab.

What happens if I don’t recover deleted emails from my Deleted Items folder?

If you don’t recover your deleted emails, they will be permanently gone and will not reappear until your next cache cleaning.


Recovery of deleted emails from Windows Live Mail is a tedious process but it is possible. To recover deleted emails, follow these steps:

1. Open the email you want to recover

2. Select “More” from the top right-hand corner of the email

3. Check the box that says “I want to recover the content of this email”

4. Click the “Recover Deleted Items” button

5. Check the box next to each email you want to recover, and select “Recover”

6. Click “Next”, then “Finish” to complete your recovery.