Did you find that your view counts on your stories on Instagram is down? You’re not lonely, whether you’ve replied yes. Millions of Instagram users note shifts in the amount of views they get from their posts and the profiles they are from. Not to burst your illusion, because it might have been from “bot,” or false profiles, much of the views you may have been receiving on your stories. These fake accounts have since prevented Instagram from seeing your post. Now you might be thinking, why does a false account still allow your stories to be viewed? All boils down to certain accounts that wish to achieve publicity. In order to maximize their follow-up, these strangers watching your stories practically charged bot services to see your post. You will miss the higher views that you used to receive, but it is easier for your company to have a real audience. This does not mean that you will once ever be able to see such figures. Here are few suggestions about how to bring your Instagram stories viewer back up organically and increase your account interaction.

1. Promoting Engagement
The more your fans connect with your posts, the more often they would feature in their feeds. Use your poll, query, emoji slider, quiz or talk stickers to do this. These stickers welcome your fans to participate and give you their feedback in the discussion. To see who knows your brand the most, make them interesting, ask for their feedback, or build a fun questionnaire. However, as long as you have fun doing it, your fans are likely to join. You plan to use these stickers. A good example of this is a poll that I posted today on my own Instagram. This survey, while stupid, gave me a nice insight into my following. I will see how many viewers have seen my tale and equate it with how many individuals have genuinely voted in the survey. If you can see, my tale was seen by 529 users, but only 158 people voted. This tells me that nearly 30% of my fans who saw my tale were interested in the survey.

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3. Using hashtags
One of the easiest ways to get the stories viewed on Instagram is by hashtags. By incorporating a few appropriate hashtags, individuals searching for related material would be able to discover your stories! For eg, say you search #westchesterpa, there are 162,000 posts out there. Although, at the top of the list, the articles using the hashtag are filed into their own handy location. You will maximize your visibility to users who are genuinely involved in your content by making an attempt to include hashtags that apply to your content and company, not bots.

If you are worried that hashtags can throw off your story’s design, there is one tip you should use.

Choose a screenshot of the tale you like.
Write out and pinch the related hashtags smaller.
Using a mask, hide the hashtags. Over! Gone!

3. Push Followers to Stories from Your Feed
Your fans may be skipping your stories because they don’t turn up in their feeds first. Drive your followers from your post to your stories in order to combat this issue. Promote your stories in the captions of your daily feed pictures! Remind your followers whether you have unique material in your stories, a survey that you would like your followers to vote in, or a story takeover. You will inspire people to try them out by sharing a picture that corresponds to your posts! Caption your picture with something like “check our stories for more” or “head to give us your opinion on our Instagram post.”

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