Follow the rise and fall of Johnny Jackson as he a joins a brand new network marketing company. Johnny downloads a fresh Network Marketing Help E-Book and now he is ready to take on the globe. Do Johnny Jackson strike it wealthy or ends up jumping off of a bridge. An entertaining and engaging story that will inspire anybody. Essential Info, A must read! A CTH joint.

Johnny, a brand new Network Marketer just printed the Network Marketing Help E-Book. Johnny is enthusiastic about his new company Smokeless X and their item line of wholesome herbal cigarettes; which taste, appear and make you feel like you are smoking the real factor. The cigarettes had been an enormous good results in Thailand, and Johnny’s sponsor said he would benefit significantly from the massive spillover. “Just envision the individuals that I am going to bless and all the cash I am going to make,” Johnny kept saying more than and more than to himself. Johnny, a bartender, at the Ocean Bar and Grill, a smokers’ paradise overlooking the ocean, would frequently overhear customer’s complaints about how they wish they could quit smoking. The Ocean could be his jackpot, Johnny believed.

There was a 2 weeks delay for Johnny’s healthy cigarettes to arrive, because of the large quantity of back orders, the President of Smokeless X wrote on the company’s official blog. When the box arrived, there was 60 packs of premium organic hand roll herbal cigarettes, Smokeless X’s most costly package which enabled him to obtain the 50% matching bonus on his weakest leg. Johnny did not know what it meant, but his sponsor told him it was the very best distributor pack to get, to maximize profits.

Johnny grabbed his calculator. “60 packs of healthy cigarettes, at $30 a pack is 1800 dollars. I paid $950 for my kit, that’s $850 profit. I have to bring in four distributors this month, then subsequent month, those four get 4,” Johnny stated, as he whirled about the room whilst the music roared “All I do is Win” within the background. He glanced over his Network Marketing Help E-book as he open a pack of herbal cigarettes; I cannot sell it if I do not try it, Johnny told himself.

Johnny went to work arm with 10 packs of herbal cigarettes. Following pleased hour Johnny pulled out a pack and started smoking with an air of Humphrey Bogart. “I didn’t know you smoke” one the patrons stated. “I don’t, this really is something various, it’s the first healthy cigarette,” Johnny replied as he offered 1 towards the patron. “Healthy cigarettes, there’s no such thing”, Lucas stated in a scratchy voice while choking on his unfiltered cigarette. “This is the first healthy cigarette company to hit America; it releases a herb call Fenu-greek that heals the lungs. We don’t make any medical claims, but in the event you only heard the testimonies. I am one of their new foremost leading distributors in this region,” Johnny said to increase his credibility.

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A few more clients jumped in the bar conversation. “Hey are they hiring,” asked Irene, “my nephew needs a job,” as she took a wholesome cigarette out of the pack. “My nephew would be ideal for this; he could sell them to his friends and make some severe cash. That’s all they do is sit around his mom’s home and smoke all day. My sister is obtaining tired of it,” Irene stated.

Johnny and his circle of lonesome bar buddies smoked two whole packs of herbal cigarettes, as he explained all he had learn from his Network Marketing Help E-Book. Other patrons told of their failed experiences in previous network advertising companies. “It’s all a big flim-flam of the bourgeoisie to ride the backs of blue-collar workers. Every year they come up with another double-dealing, rip-off racket, shady shake down to keep their oppressive foot on the backs of the poor,” Lucas said. Johnny lit up another wholesome cigarette; having a passion in his voice, a fire in his eyes, and utilizing the full gamut of hand gestures like a trained politician stated, “It’s a new day, in contrast to any in history. This business is for the people and by the individuals. Everybody in this dive smokes, envision obtaining paid every time somebody lights up a cigarette, and it is wholesome. If avervage individuals like you and I strategy on getting wealthy then we should come together and form companies. What better company than network marketing. Lucas, can’t you see you need this. We all require this.”

In the end of the night, Johnny felt good, he had delivered a prosperity sermon, sampled out three packs of healthy cigarettes, and gave his web site out over a dozen times. Johnny did not stop there, following guidance from the Network Marketing Help E-Book, he wrote down 100 names of his closes family members and friends. Johnny known as the first 40 names on his list and invited them to his Smokeless X chance meeting that his mom helped him set up. All of Johnny’s friends and family members said that they would try and make it.

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Johnny paced back and forth in the empty hotel conference room, it was 7:00 pm and nobody had arrived yet. Renting the hotel room had clean out the rest of his savings, it was time for Johnny to make a return on his investment. “It takes money to make cash,” he kept repeating to himself, whilst waiting on his 50 guest to arrive. Johnny had his copy of Network Marketing Help E-Book out, it told him how to set up the chairs, use audience participation, quickly get rid of those who were not interested and pass out applications to the rest. It was 9:00pm and nobody had showed up, not even his mother; did he give out the wrong date, Johnny wondered.

Ring; ring…Johnny woke up and answered the telephone without looking at the caller ID. Hello, Johnny stated, answering the phone in a sleeping stupor. “Yes we caught you,” the angry voice on the telephone said, ” I’m from CSL, and this really is an attempt to collect a debt…we’re calling on behalf of the US consolidated student loan commission, of which you owe more than $70,000 in student loans and interest fees. I have an authorize letter, hereby to go out these days for garnishment of your wages, unless I collect 769.67 today. How would you like to pay that, Visa or MasterCard?” At a loss for words, Johnny hung up the telephone.

4 weeks in the company, Johnny had sold 10 packs of smokeless cigarettes, sampled out 12 and sponsored 0. Everybody said they had been broke, not interested or did not have the time to do a network marketing company. Johnny was mad at Irene whose nephew Jimmy had borrowed 20 packs of wholesome cigarettes to sell, so he could raise some cash to come in the business, now they both where avoiding him. Johnny felt his back against the wall. To come up using the $950 to join Smokeless X, Johnny had skipped a couple of essential bills last month, and now the piper was calling. To put fly in the ointment, Irene known as the Ocean Bar and Grill complaining that Johnny was peddling illegal snake oils behind the bar. Johnny was sent home for a week and given the ultimatum, either the Ocean Bar and Grill or Smokeless X.

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Just keep performing what you are performing, Johnny’s 2 time retired sponsor told him. I cannot give up now, Johnny believed, I got to much invested. In desperation mode, it was time for Johnny to start pounding the pavement. Johnny stopped by his cousin’s house. Knock, knock. Johnny knocked for five minutes, the car was in the driveway but nobody answered the door. Johnny could have sworn he heard a cellphone ring within the house, so he sat in the car blowing the horn for an additional 5 minutes. Johnny cornered Kelly, a friend he hadn’t seen since high school in the gas station, and gave her a fast presentation in the gas pump. “No smoking next to my gas pumps”, the Indian store manager scolded Johnny. “Let me hold onto some information for I can read over, It sounds good but I do not like to rush into stuff,” Kelly stated. “Well a minimum of purchase a pack of these wholesome cigarettes and help me out,” replied Johnny. ” I wish I could assist you to out, great luck and it was great seeing you once more Kelly stated, as she closed the car door in Johnny’s face and sped off. What really produced Johnny’s blood boil was when he pulled up to his Uncle’s home, and caught him peeping out the window. I know you are in there, Johnny shouted several occasions. Johnny couldn’t comprehend, why do individuals complain about cash and health but when given a chance to improve their life they run from the opportunity. Why cannot they see they require this, thought Johnny.

Depressed and disgruntled Johnny went house, opened an additional pack of smokeless cigarettes and threw his Network Marketing Help E-Book in the trash. “Smokeless X suck, individuals suck, network advertising sucks, it was just another scheme to get my money and make me appear like a fool,” Johnny stated whilst calling the Ocean Bar and Grill to obtain his old job back. If Johnny’s sponsor would have told him that there was a simple and simple way that he could attract and recruit qualified prospects even in his sleep with out bothering his family members and buddies perhaps Johnny would be in the business today and not living at his mother’s house.

Network Marketing Help For Johnny Jackson…Another cth Joint…If Not Now,When

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