History Of  Tropico Game

Tropico game (first released in 2001) is a strategy management game. I am a huge fan of these types of games by the way. Tropico lets you become a dictator of a tropical island, managing each aspect of the island, from courting aid from the US or Russia to providing jobs and housing for your citizens.

One thing which I like about Tropico is that (like how the tutorial emphasizes) you manage the “high level”, such as building houses, factories, creating jobs, but each citizen in Tropico possesses free will, so they can choose not to live in that house you built, or work in that factory you created.

Tropico Game

As in the real world, the way to entice them to do so is via money. You can set the wages of a job or cost of living, thus you are in a way really in control of the economy directly. Of course, you can’t set too high wages, else that factory will not be making a profit. You can’t set the price of an apartment too high either, or no one will live there.

Every citizen is also uniquely identifiable, with their names, aspirations, thoughts, contentedness, etc. Such a system does make me care for my virtual citizenry more. However, if they call for elections, and the person running against you is wildly popular (you will lose the game if you’re voted out), you can simply commit election fraud, or, my personal favorite, have him meet an “accident”.

There are a bunch of pre-defined scenarios that you can play with its own set of win-lose conditions. However, like all my strategy sims, I like to play in sandbox mode with no time limits.
Sigh. They don’t make games like this anymore. (Still hotly awaiting Elemental!)

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Own experience

Mine is the Mucho Macho Edition, as pictured above. It contains the Paradise Island expansion pack and the official strategy guide. I’m surprised that upon installation, Tropico ran fine on my machine, which is running Vista 64. I did not find much information on its compatibility with Vista when googling, but I did see some people having problems running the game on Vista. Lucky me, the installation was a snap, and the game ran much, much faster than I remembered. Of course, back in 2002, I was running a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with a Geforce Ti4200. Now, it’s a Core 2 Duo E6750 with a Radeon 4850. If I didn’t feel any improvements, I should burn my gaming rig to the ground.

Time for some retro gaming.

Rediscovering: Tropico Game

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