Today I’m going to take a few moments to speak about a software program designing to help you win at roulette called roulette raper. The name “roulette raper” is in my opinion very poor and I don’t why the maker didn’t give it a better, more appropriate name.

The start of the roulette raper headline is a large headline saying that the maker wins thousands of dollars a months by playing online roulette and now quit his day job as a construction worker.

Roulette Raper

I knew from the off that I wasn’t going to become rich or quit my job from using roulette raper, I just want to make extra money. Winning at roulette is no easy task and over the years I’ve lost a lot of money, I was hoping roulette raper could assist me in getting it back. Roulette raper applies what’s commonly known as a sleeper system. This is when you wait until a certain section of the table hasn’t shown for a few spins and then you bet on it using a progression.

This kind of system is nothing new, people have been using systems like this for years, roulette raper simply makes it easier to keep track of things. What disappointing me about this is that there’s no mention of a sleeper system on the sales page, just promises of easy money.

Discovery Of Roulette Raper

Discovering that roulette raper was nothing but a sleeper system didn’t cost me anything because I was using play for fun mode. I always test roulette systems with pretend mode rather than real mode because if can’t win with fake money it can never win for real money.

I didn’t even bother trying it for real money because I have a lot of bad experiences in the past using such systems and I never had any long term success. While I can’t prove anything, I’m sure that the casino software is programming to stop sleeper systems from working, it’s just impossible to win with them.

At this point you probably won’t be surprising to hear that I don’t recommend roulette raper. It’s a well designed piece of software but the idea of it is to help you win at roulette and it won’t help you achieve this long term.

Roulette Raper: A Small Review Raper

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