Do you want to start your career in blogging? You know about blogging platforms which you can use to create your own blog. I am sure that if you your answer will yes then you will only know about WordPress and Blogger. Because these are mostly used by bloggers. When I started blogging I even didn’t know about any blogging platform other than blogger. Even I was unaware of the term blogging. You can read about page to see my journey towards blogging. My friend told me about blogger and I started blogging.
Do you want to know about possible options for blogging other that WordPress and Blogger? Then read this article carefully. We have written about 5 most popular blogging platforms with some of their features.
Let’s see

1. Tumblr

After WordPress and Blogger Tumblr is the most used blogging platform. You can think Tumbler, the mixture of Twitter and WordPress. If you are friendly with everyone i.e you are social butterfly then you will like also Tumblr.
Tumble has many magical features which will force you and other bloggers to like Tumblr. To write post about any thing I visit different website to make my answer more relative and useful. I spent 10 to 15 minutes to see features of Tumblr. If you may that how I explored Tumblr within 15 minutes. I browsed for reviews of people who were using Tumblr.
After exploring it carefully we concluded that Tumblr is more liked by photographers and food bloggers. It means that Tumblr is for photo for blogs. Most of food bloggers put their recipies in blog in the form of images.
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If you want to start photo blog than you should prefer Tumblr.
See Tumblr’s Official Web

2. Medium

Have you ever listened about Medium. Medium is actually for technical or professional bloggers. It is not for nonsense bloggers.
Medium is like Magazine blog. If people will like your writings. Then maybe you will become part of authors and they can also feature you which will rise your blog.
My suggestion for you is that if your are good in writing then you should use Medium. As wordpress and bloggers are top used bogging platforms. They have many nonsense bloggers who don’t know about what they are posting about and still they are running their blog. They use different blogs to copy their content. Some of them use Article Rewrites to rewrite blog post. They think that if they will rewrite the post then they can save their blog from plagiarism they are totally wrong. Article rewrite just change only few words and the remaining content matches the original content.
If you will use Medium then you don’t have to worry about this. Medium users and readers are all serious.
An interesting thing for you. Do you know Brack Obama – President of the United States also has medium blog.
You should see this blog. Now you can think that medium has not nonsense users.
See Medium’s Official Web

3. Weebly

Have you read over about page. I told there that we created account for Weebly and just after 1 day we left weebly. The only reason for leaving Weebly is just I didn’t know about blogging it was my start.
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Weebly is the kind of drag-and drop website builder. Anyone can create free account for weebly and just like other blogging platforms you can use subdomain of weebly or you can also add your custom domian for your blog.
Starting your blog on weebly is too easy. Even a kid can build a website for on weebly. the most liked feature of weebly is drag-and drop you can design your website according to your need  by using this feature. If you prefer to use weebly then you can save your time in customizing theme or you can also save your money because there will no need to you to hire a theme developer. It saves your from doing hardwork for days. When we started our first blog on blogger we spent a month in selecting proficient template for our blog.
See Weebly’s Official Web


First of all you must know that is not blogging platform. You may think then why it is int the list of blogging platforms. It is just like blogging but not a blogging platform. You can not create your own blog on but you can blog on
When people come to share their views and thinkings the first thing they want to do is that blogging. You are still confused without a blog how it is blogging.
Let me clear your doubts that provide you a place to do blogging. But to do that you don’t need to create account for It means that you can share your thinkings without having your own blog. is not or bloggers who want to take their blog at high level as it does not facilitate you your own blog. But if you want to blog by staying anonymous i.e if you want to hide yourself then can help you in serving.
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There are no limits of writing on
See’s Official Web

5. Ghost

Ghost is the more than blogging. Some individuals commend it “WordPress Killer“. Not only we are disagreed with this idea, we also resonate against this idea.
John O’Nolan who is deputy head of wordpress says that “Ghost is the open sorce blogging platform“.
John O’Nolan also says that wordpress is moved away and now it has been made a “full-fledged Content Management System“.
Ghost needs hard work to compete with WordPress and Blogger as they are content management system.
Ghost may become  a competitor for the best blgging platforms.
See Ghost’s Official Web
We suggest you to use Medium for you blogging platform if you don’t want to use blogger or wordpress. And if you are a photographer then you should use Tumbr.
You can find blogging platform according to the type of your blog. All you need is to do work on finding best blogging platform for you.
If you have any idea about other blogging platforms then you can share your idea in comments below.
Would you like to tell us which blogging platform you have choosed for your blogging platform.

Which Blogging Platforms You can Use?

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