Mostly WordPress user ask this question that “Why is Free of Cost?“. People also ask this question “Why WordPress is not selling their Software?” If you are one of them then you shoul read this post. In this post we will describe that Why WordPress if Free?, How much it Costs for creating WordPress Blog? and What is the Catch?
WordPress is open source software. It is not totally free. In Wordpress you can modify, build and redistribute the software in any way you want. However there is a cost for doing that. Most of the WordPress users are unaware of this. We will discuss about the costs in this article.

Why WordPress Dotn’t Sell their Software?

Mostly people ask about Why Wordpress don’t sell their software? If you are also a WordPress user then you may know that wordpress always has great review. Then why wordpress does’nt make more money by selling their software as they are well known company in the World. No one will leave WordPress just because of their price ad WordPress has many features which other blogging platforms lacks.
I have also used Blogger. Blogger has also many features but I want to say that it can not compete with WordPress. It is my view for WordPress. There are many users who think that Blogger is best. I like WordPress the most.
I also have used Weebly for a week. That was the time when I started blogging. I don’t know much about Weebly that is why I am not giving review about Weebly.
WordPress is a project which was made by thousands of people. Thousands of people contributed to make the WordPress most popular open source software. There is core Team of Developers which runs this project. But anyone can contribute to this project. Even you can also become a contributor for WordPress. Anyone can report bugs, suggest more features to WordPress for it’s flexibility. One thing I like the most is that it’s Project leaders are changed when a version is updated.
Open source software is not like other products. Once a software is created it can be copied.
For Exapmle: Let a toy factory who manufactures toys. After manufacturing toys they calculate their manufacturing cost. Calculating Manufacturing cost it become easy for them to make a decision for reasonable price for that product.
Software is totally different from those types of product. Some people believe that at every sold the price of the software becomes unjust.
To read more about free open source software read GNU.

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How People Earn from WordPress?

People often get confuse when making difference between vs These are totally different softwares. is a free blogging platform. It is also known as Self-Hosted WordPress.
While is a blogging platform where we can do blogging. All we need to just have a  number of articles to post on Blog. We have also blog on on which we don’nt work now. After a week  creating that blog we realize the about restrictions on and we created a self-hosted blog.
You can visit our blog Beginners Guide
Matt Mullenweg who is co-founder of WordPress launched a company which was named “Automattic” which provides free blog hosting at without any restriction. But some of the features are locked such as “CSS Modification” because of the free version. You can get the power of on by paying $3250 per month for hosting. I know that it was too much amount no one can earn from their blog in first month. That is why we also transfered our blog to self-hosted blog.
In May 2014, Automattic raised a series C investment of $160 Million which valued the company at $1.16 Billion.
Some developers came out to earn money from wordpress. These Developers created plugins, themes and provided hosting service which was specially made for WordPress. These Developers are now earning Millions of Dollars by selling their products.
Examples of some WordPress Companies Who Earn Millions are:
WPEngine is a managed WordPress hosting company which has earned over $40 million dollars.Sucuri is the popular WordPress security solution.iThemes is one of the well established WordPress company which has created many popular plugins like BackupBuddy.ElegantThemes  is a theme company which provides drag & drop page builder.Gravity Forms  is the most popular premium forms plugin.WordPress Developers are making six figures income from their products which was made for WordPress only.

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Is WordPress Copyright Free?

WordPress has a copyright license. WordPress has a license which allows anyone to use it but all the contibutions are copyrighted to WordPress.
It was released under GPL. You can use, edit, and redistribute the WordPress code.You should have the copyright for the modifications that you have done with coding of WordPress. GPL also require that your released and distributed work should be licensed by GPL.

Does All Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins are Licensed GPL? has posted on their official blog about themes and plugins. It was made clear by their post that themes are licensed GPL. We can exclude all Images, Css and Javascript of themes and plugins. But we are not allowed to exclude PHP and HTML part of themes and plugins as it use WordPress functionality and it is derivative work i.e It is licensed by GPL.
Some people do not trust about that. But all the Trusted WordPress Blogs follow the guidelines of WordPress Community.

Content Published with WordPress also Inherits GPL?

Your content is licensed to GPL lest your content is derivative work for wordpress or any GPL licensed work.
For Example: If you publish your own artwork then your artwork is licensed under GPL.
But if you post about How to use WordPress then your content will be liscensed in differnet way
Trademark WordPress
The code of WordPress is licensed under GPL. But the name WordPress and their logo are registered. These founds ask individuals not to use their name as domain to distinguish between official and resource site.
This is the reason why most wordpress resource sites don’t use domains like . The use wpguide as their domain name.
Note: This domain names are written just for telling the difference. We did’nt  know about that domains.
There is a reason if any website that is use “wordpress” in their domain name. The only reason is that they may be begginners which don’t know much about blogging.
All Resource blogs which are running their business on Blog care about trademark policy and they follow the rules.
Cost for Using WordPress is free to download. All you need is to just download from their official website. But here comes a thing How can you install To install software you need to buy Hosting.
You can also use to create blog which is free. But there is difference between and You must read the difference before creating a blog.
I recommend you to use
The cost for is only Hosting and Domain Name. You can start by selecting lower plan. When you will find your blog doing well. Then you can change your plan. It will save your money.
However there are many additional costs for which are not required it is on you. Like Premiuim Themes there is no need to buy premium themes. Many free themes are available in the market.
Note: If you like Genesis Framework then you can contact me via comments or Contact Page. We have 83 Genesis Child Premium Themes which we can give to you free of cost for your blog. It can take 24 hours for sending you the download link.
Premiuim Themes has various advantages when you buy premium themes they give you 24/7 support. Free themes and plugins do not provide support.
We think that this article has helped you learning about wordpress. Feel free to add comments, questions, and feedbacks below.

Why is Free ? How People Make Money with WordPress ?

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