Anniversary Wish List

In honor of Nordstrom’s annual anniversary sale starting today {for non-cardholders} I thought I’d

post about my anniversary wish list.

Back when I worked at Nordstrom {did you know that? #funfact} I used to check out the catalogue and all the sale merch weeks before the sale even started. I’d make my list and figure out how I was going to get what I wanted on my lunch break.

The whole point of anniversary is to showcase the new fall arrivals at deep discounts. It’s also a great way to rack of those Nordstrom points. Every year I always find a bunch of things I want… this year is no exception!

1/ These Dolce Vita boots are sooo gorgeous. When I saw these I immediately said I was buying them come August 1st. {179.90}

2/ These BP ‘trott’ booties are a must have. I don’t own a nice brown pair and I know I’d get a LOT of use from them. They’re only $79.90 for the sale.

3/ and 7/ Because you never know when you need to smooth things out! I really like the Spanx thigh shaper {$27.90} but think the slip dress {$37.90} would be a better option so there’s no spillover.

4/ The┬áhat I brought home from Jamaica is looking pretty tired after taking a few swims in the ocean. I dream of a fun/flirty fall outfit with this one. And it’s only $17.90!

5/ Is there such a thing as too many tote bags? I think not! I need, okay want, a nice cognac tote. All my bags are black. {31.90}

8/ Ok. Maybe this is my inner Snooki talking but I’m loving this leopard moto jacket. I know they say not to buy stuff like this because it’s a one-season wear but there’s just something about it. And really, does leopard ever go out of style?

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9/ Lounge pants also never go out of style. The ones I have definitely need to be retired and I’m a sucker for stripes.

10/ If there’s one pair of jeans I will willingly pay full price for, it’s KUT from the Kloth. This brand fits like a glove no matter what size I’m at. And I think they’re pretty affordable and hold up to rigorous wear and tear. {$52.90}

Aside from all 10 items, I really do want to buy something from my list. I come off my spending freeze the day before the sale ends {fate?} and I’m looking to buy items 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10. Total it comes to $248.40, which I think is a steal since full price it would be a lot closer to $500. I’m really not looking to spend $300 either so which items do you think I should get, and which should I pass on?

And then of course there are the


afford this, but I’m not spending $104 on a dress. Not even if it is on sale. #notsorry

I really want a pair of real diamond earrings. These Kwiat studs are the perfect size for me. And they’re “only” $798.90. smh…

You guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous these Frye boots are. I’m not a Frye junkie but these are just beautiful. I mean, look at them! Aren’t you drooling?

I just really love the color of this Mackage moto jacket. I have a non-quilted one in both cognac and black and I wear them throughout fall. Pretty much up until it’s parka season.

God, they’re gorgeous. These Michael Kors are crying to be in my closet. Unfortunately, I have a pair of knee-high leather boots (pointed toe) and I never wear them. Mainly because the heel taps need to be replaced… but that’s besides the point.

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I’m a HUGE fan of my Longchamp Le Pliage tote.

So there you have it. My possibilities and pipe dreams. What do you guys think? Are you shopping the anniversary sale? Thoughts on the items in wish list #1??

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