Create your own Discord bot in Python

We will learn how to construct a Discord Bot step-by-step using Python in this tutorial. Discord is a well-known chat app for gamers. Discord was developed for members to communicate one other. A community is a “server”. Popularity Discord is being used for business nowadays. Developer Discord unveiled a programming capability in Discord that would assist the users and other programmers to automate tasks.
Discord bot or other bot like kahoot bot flooder is an AI that can do many automatic functions on your servers.

Nice to meet you.
Replying to the server’s specified message
Ban rule breakers
Enhance your server with multimedia, memes, games, and more.
It provides you a new experience on Discord, allowing you to enhance your popularity or company. Discord bots allows you to connect with your fans in new ways. Using Python, the most renowned and easy-to-learn programming language, we can build a Discord bot.

Setup Your Bot

If you already have Python 2.7 installed on your computer, execute the following command to install the Discord Library.
To drip the contents of a bottle using a ladle. use
Another vital thing we must have is your Discord API key. API keys may be obtained as follows.
Navigate to the Applicate page on the Discord website.
Start a new application

Click the “Create” button to make your application.

Please don’t modify any of the settings after establishing the bot program.
Go to the app page and click on Add bot

Your bot will be added, then click on Copy to get the oath token.

I’ve picked “Bot” as the scope of my bot application.

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The permission you choose here will influence your bot. The above permissions are for messaging.

9. Select Copy and paste it in your browser.

Once you access the URL in your browser, you have to choose a server to add your bot to.

The bot is ready and linked to your Discord server, fantastic! Start working on the code aspect of your bot now.
bot Discord Events construct an event where our bot will reply to the particular messages on your server. Check at :

async def on ready():
on message(message): == client.user
if message.content.startsWith(‘$Hi’):

Issue your token.

Let me explain this in detail, here. We’re importing the discord module first, and then we assign it to a client variable. We created an asynchronous function name, on ready(). When the asynchronous function awaits the promise, it will always return a promise. As well, you noted we had to employ a client.event() that registered an event of the method.
That is publishing the message we had logged in with that login. The next asynchronous method is on message(), which fires an event for every message received. Author = Client User We had to disregard the bot’s answer to our own communications. When content matches, we will send a response message to the server.
It’s a simple Discord bot event. Run the bot and observe the results.
extending the bot events
We can develop or add additional bot features. can modify our bot to deliver responses to certain messages, We may expand the events by adding additional criteria to our bot.

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New users joining our Discord server should be greeted as new followers. Our Bot will greet the new user on our system.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see “We have logged in as {0.user}.”

format(channel) for channel in member.guild.channels:
You may give a welcome message if you know that the channel is general.

Your access token here.
to comprehend that the code is running In the body of the for loop, we checked to see whether the channel name is general, and if it is, we send a welcome message to the new member. we know we don’t have to execute these functions individually to die Whenever a user performs anything on the server, the function is triggered.
eliminating spam
To filter harmful terms from server chat, you may remove them from the server.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see “We have logged in as {0.user}.”

Words include “bad”, “stop”, and “unfriendly.”
bad words.find(word)
if message.content.has contains(word):
make (“Bad word deleted”)

wait for a message.

Your access token here.
Since we have to utilize on message event again, we know that this function is monitoring every message delivered by the user on our discord server everytime message,
Counting members
Our Discord bot can now tell us how many users were on our Discord server. Here’s how to do it:

async def on ready():
Logged in as {0.user}


Do not invoke an async method on message on an incoming message whose content is the string “!users”.

Your access token here.
Users will have to message !users in our Discord server and then our bot using the on message event function will deliver a message of total members in our Discord server using member count.
messaging messages
The embedding strategy makes our answer message more conspicuous and clear. When users input !help, the bot will react with an embedded message.

async def on ready():
Logged in as {0.user}

message = discord.send message(:embed, “!help”)

Bot help (Simple Commands) embed.add field(name=”!hello”, value=”Hello, User”)
embed.add field(name=”!users”, value=”Displays the number of users.”)
wait for

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Your access token here.
Okay! we added a condition if the user writes ! use discord to send an embedded message Passed title and description embedded in Next, we present a view to use those fields in the Embedded message if they are entered: Enter !user to have the bot return a number of discord users.
We know how to make a discord bot, and we have added several features and events to it in the process. The Discord Bot can provide more. Learn more about the discord Bot from the Discord Developers. This is a beginner’s tutorial that will assist you in learning how the discord bot works and how to design and utilize its functionalities. I want you to have this info in the future.
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