I Am Confident Affiliate Marketing IS not a SCAM

NO! NO! Affiliate marketing is not a SCAM! Affiliate marketing is one sure fire way you CAN make a living from home! Will it happen overnight? NO, but it will and it can happen…….if you have direction and some really good help at your fingertips you can earn a profit from home. Spare time, part time, full time.

There is a big difference between being ‘Ripped Off’ or being ‘Scammed’. Many of us have had the experience related to being ripped off….certainly I am not the only one. This usually happens when the program or training/service or product is over priced for what you got. The quality and price just do not come anywhere close and you are left quite unsatisfied or disappointed.

Generally speaking a Scam is a program or service that you pay for but never receive or get any of the promised return on. If there is a legitimate product that is a physical product being sold and received, it is not a scam. Really what it comes down to is someone conning you out of your money with false promises. To help clarify here are a couple of examples:

That is just a short example of the many out there. My purpose was to show you the difference between a scam and a rip off. Trust me their are many many more to be cautious of. Did you notice Affiliate Marketing did not make the example list? No I didn’t leave it out on purpose or forget it and that is because it is NOT a scam. You might find that you are feeling ripped off or perhaps more on information overload and getting no results. Certainly frustrating but not a scam.

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With Affiliate Marketing you are going to be recommending products or services to others via a website or a blog. Have you ever wondered how people make money from blogging? I did and now I have the answer and I like what I found. They become affiliated with a company or companies that have products that are related to what they are blogging about.

This to me is the ideal way to work from home. You have so much freedom and you answer only to yourself. One thing for sure is you need to LOVE what you are doing. It needs to be something you love love love and are very passionate about. This makes it that much easier to get thru the learning curve and not getting ‘writers block’ or feeling this way………….

One reason so many are quick to call SCAM is because one they could have been in the wrong program to learn “how to do it” or because they just didn’t put any effort in to something they did try OR they have to call it a scam when they are not willing to try something new that could help them! It is there own FEAR. They are getting in their own way so brush it off and get on creating YOUR DREAM.

And reason # 2 is below. So many people have this one totally mixed up! If you work in the corporate world or anywhere this is exactly the same payday scenario! MLM Marketing,Direct Sales and Affiliate Marketing are not any different. The one thing that IS different is YOU! You have every opportunity to give yourself a promotion to a higher pay scale and status just by working harder!

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When was the last time the janitor of the school made the same pay as the Principle?

So where are you situated today? Is it time for you to perhaps get out of your own way and find what will work for you? This might be helpful and it is free so you can test the water before drowning occurs again.

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