My Favorite Smartphone And What People Want Me To Have

I’m a smartphone addict. Awww, I wish I had every phone so I can keep changing when I want to. I want a phone with the best camera, best sound, best screen, best this, best that and best everything. I want a phone that suits me. I want to use the best of smartphone because I want the best.

People always tell me that this particular smartphone is good, that will fit you, I tell them to let me think!. Below are smartphones of choice but do they fit me? Let’s see.

Motorola phones are very good. I developed interest in Droid Razr after using it for a short period. I like it’s slim and light nature which would have been a perfect match for me. But it’s outdated. I need to catch up with the fast moving world of smartphones.

For Moto G series, it’s got the software, storage and battery that I want but it’s too big for my medium sized palms and skinny pockets-another drawback, because it’s too big and I can’t keep in my pocket with ease. Therefore, Motorola is out.

For the iphone, hmmm. Quite a number of my friends use it. I envy when I see them show it off. It’s a bit luxurious, you know. My most wanted iphone is the 5s. It’s slim, has a good camera, storage and battery. And a fingerprint too. It’s probably the only smartphone that properly fits in my hands.

On the other hand, I’m not a good fan of iOS. If iPhones were to be running Windows or Android, it would have been my take. Also I think they’re quite expensive in my part of the world.

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I like Sony partly because of their eye-catchy facebook adverts. They are very good and make me envy their products. The other reason is because I’ve used an Xperia(which I don’t remember the model) in it’s early days and I never regretted. And cybershot, their camera app (I don’t know if it still is), I love it. And WalkMan, too, I miss it. Experia E5 might be my next smartphone. For now, not.

Samsung phones are one of the best smartphones you can buy. They’re just made to last. They have the best of camera and screen as far as I know. I currently use one of the Galaxy Ranges. It never gave me a headache and I’m satisfied with it’s camera. The screen quality too is superb. I brag with it. The only problem is that I get uneasy when it’s in pockets because it’s a bit bigger. I usually put it in my front pocket at the risk of it dropping down and scratching when I bend over unknowingly. Therefore I always keep it hold of it anytime. If it were to be slim like iPhones 5s…

My first phone ever was a Nokia phone. I know the brand since I was a small boy and I know how durable Nokia phones are. I was using Nokia Lumia 521 till it got missing last year.

And currently I have a Nokia X Android  smartphone. It’s cute like I want it except the RAM and storage aren’t enough. XL which has a bigger storage is way too big for my liking.

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