The 5 coolest features of the new Google Pixel

Rumors of a touchscreen Chromebook have finally come to fruition, as Google launched their own branded device, the Google Pixel. Coming in at $1299 for the base model, this is not a price conscious model like we have seen recently from Samsung or Acer. The Chrome Pixel is meant to show that Google’s Chrome OS has arrived. This feature packed model includes an Intel Core i5 processor, up to 5 hours of battery life, an HD webcam and the ability to open and close the lid with a single finger. Below are the 5 coolest features of the new Google Pixel.

1. The Screen – Google built this screen with web browsing in mind, opting to go with a the 12.85-inch 3:2 ratio display instead of the more common 16:9. This provides 18 percent more vertical space, perfect for web content. The screen sports a 178 degree extra wide viewing angle and a 2,560 x 1,700 resolution, giving it a PPI of 239. This beats the Macbook Retina and the average Windows laptop has about half that. It also offers a brightness of 400nit, making it 25 percent more bright than any other laptop screen on the market. That’s perfect if you want to work outdoors. To top it all off, it’s has a Gorilla Glass multi-touch enabled screen.

2. The Touch-pad – A big part of whether you actually enjoy using your laptop rests squarely on the touch-pad. A poor touch-pad experience can render even the most powerful laptop unusable. Luckily, even though the Pixel has a touch screen, Google still went all out on the touch-pad. Pixel’s touchpad is made from etched glass that Google says has been “analyzed and honed using a laser microscope to ensure precise navigation.” Google has paid special attention to how the track-pad interprets the hand/palm/finger interaction.

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3. 3 Microphones – Users that want to use there Chromebooks for video conferencing through Hangouts will be happy to know that the Pixel packs 3, almost imperceptible, microphones. There are two in 0.1 millimeter pinholes near the camera that use a beam-forming technology to cancel out background noise. The third microphone is located underneath the keyboard, and is used to cancel out any keyboard clicks and clacks.

4. Quickoffice – We are now seeing the fruits of Google’s acquisition of Quickoffice from a year ago. Quickoffice will come preloaded on the new Pixel and users will be able to open and view Microsoft Office documents. Google has announced that in 2 to 3 months you will have full Microsoft Office compatibility so that you can create and edit native Office documents. This should be especially helpful for businesses.

5. 1 tb of free storage for three years – For those worried about where they are going to store all of there new documents that they have just created with Quickoffice, Google it including 1tb of their cloud storage free for 3 years. One of the best features of the Chromebook is the ease in which you can save everything to the cloud and then access it from anywhere on any device. With 1 tb of storage, you shouldn’t have to worry about space, even if you are storing videos and graphics. The best part? 1 tb of cloud storage from Google would normally costs you $49 a month. That works out to $1764 over 3 years which means that if you purchase the Google Pixel, you will actual save $465.

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With a $1299 price tag, the Google Pixel is not for everyone. It does, however, show Google’s willing to continue to innovate and push us closer to their vision of a wireless world based in the cloud.

Are you going to pony up $1299 for to be part of the Chromebook elite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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