Tips on Getting Your Email Read

Important Tips on Getting Your Email Read

One of the most important factor in making sales via an email marketing campaign is getting the recipients of your marketing emails to actually read them. Obviously, if they don’t read them, they can’t buy what you are selling.

You can do all of the technical things just right and still not have the recipients of your emails reading your messages and acting on them. It’s more than a little possible that the problem lies in what your messages say and how they say it.

Marketing emails need to be easy to read. It has been proven time and time again that email recipients will not read long blocks of text….not even from their mothers. (Maybe especially not from their mothers!) One reason for this is eye strain. Reading text on a computer screen is much harder on the eyes than reading text on a printed page.

Make your marketing emails easy to read and easy to act upon. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short. It’s been said before, but here it is again. People will not read long blocks of text unless they are really compelled. Break it up.

Use bullet points for emphasis rather than exclamation marks. The overuse of exclamation marks is a common mistake. They scream “spammer!”

Be absolutely certain that every word is spelled correctly and that the grammar useage is impeccable. I can’t tell you how much misspelled words and poor grammar can cause readers to lose interest and trust. You need to recognize misspelled words yourself, don’ rely too much on spell check programs.

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As to content, that is a whole different animal. It is a good thing to tie your email marketing campaign to a current event or a national holiday. People do seem to have one­track minds.

If it is near Christmas, they have Christmas on their brains. If it is election season, that’s what they are thinking about. When tax time rolls around, they suddenly remember that they have to actually file tax returns and taxes are at the front of their minds. They are concentrating on different subjects in the summer than they are in the winter. So tying your email marketing campaign to a holiday, an event or a season can help to assure that your marketing email message is not only opened and read but effective as well.

Using the correct tone when addressing the members of your opt­in list is important. When you send email to your list you should first be certain that you use the personalization feature that your autoreponder provides.

Second you need to ‘speak’ in a friendly but business­like tone. Think of the difference in the way you tell your boss why you are late and the way you tell your spouse why you are late. That’s what is meant by ‘tone’. You never ever talk down to your opt­in list members. You must not assume a tone that is too formal or too distant. On the other hand you must not speak in a tone that is too casual or too familiar.

These are a few email marketing tips, but you can probably think of many more just by looking at which emails annoy you in your own inbox.

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