Top 10 blogging tips for beginners

If you have started to blog or have planned to start then you shouldn’t forget some basics that can help you avoid mistakes. Some mistakes you do at the beginning will cost you high forever. So these are the top 10 blogging tips you could follow.

Know what is blogging: Before starting a blog always do some research. Know basics like what is niche, what type of niche to be selected, what is blogging and what are the ways to be successful and how to work on it.

Never copy from others: Most of the beginners think that an easy way to write a post is to copy and paste from others. You are going to end up blogging if you do this way. Blogging is fun when you express yourself. Be unique in you ideas and write contents in your way.

When to link your blog to social networking sites : Another common mistakes what starters do is linking their blog to social networking sites without writing enough. Do not do it because always first impression is the best impression. After visiting your site once, readers will only come back if your blog is interesting. If u do not have adequate content in your blog before advertising then you are going to lose many viewers and valuable readers.

Comment: When you are ready with your posts try to build a friendly relationship with other bloggers. Make friends with others other bloggers in Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites and comment on their posts so that you will get valuable comments back. Commenting helps to get back links.

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Never give up: Blogging is a hard task and what many newbies do is giving it up after some days. You are not going to earn anything with ease. You have to write many posts, be active, comment on others post, research, and most importantly be patient.

Never link your blog to Google ad-sense before you are ready: If you are a starter but not enough traffic, then linking your blog to Google ad-sense wouldn’t help you earn anything. Be patient till you get traffic. it may take time like three or five months for you to get enough traffic. Once you have enough daily readers you can try ad-sense, as it is a very good way to earn money.

Choose interesting titles: Keep your titles interesting. Keep it simple and research as what kind of titles people search or like to read. Choose eye-catching titles and try to keep readers read your all posts with interesting titles.

Be unique: Always be unique in ideas. Write something informative and different plot from others. Readers who come into your website would never like to see what they had already seen on other websites. Make your page look interesting with adequate and up-to-date information.

Know how to do marketing: To make your blog successful what you need to know is making the right kind of promotion. Promote you blog in all top networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. When you publish your posts in your blog, it will be automatically posted in Facebook and Google+.

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Research where to promote: There are many websites which makes fake promises that they will promote your blog just by logging on it. It is almost impossible to get promotions in that way. It is a waste of time and so research which site is best for you and safe before promoting.





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